About Dustin

I started piercing professionally in 2000. As a self -taught piercer, I spent two years piercing friends as well as myself. My theory was if I could pierce myself in the mirror were everything is backwards, I could most definitely pierce a client. The first studio I ever worked at was a shop called Phat Tattoos in Hamilton Montana. After a year of piercing in Montana, I made the decision to move back to Oklahoma City to work for a shop called Mystical Illusions. After putting seven years of work into Mystical, in 2009 I decided to step out on my own. Thus came Sick Boyz Body Piercing. I traveled all over the country, and attended well over 35 different tattoo conventions and just doing what I love so much. In March of 2012 my Wife and I opened up our very own Tattoo/Piercing shop, SB Body Arts. Some of the top conventions that I have worked at consist of Hell City, Gambling Rose, Steel City Expo, Ink Life Tour, Immersed In Ink, and Bloodapalooza Texas Roundup. I started The Captain’s Side Show in 2009, preforming and paying homage to the old-school Coney Island Side Show and Circus Side Show performers. We’ve traveled a lot performing at different tattoo conventions as well as performing at kink fests. We just released our first DVD this year (2013). I also run a private/performing suspension group called Sick Boyz Body Suspension founded in 2012.


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