About Joshua

Joshua Smith was born in florida in 1977, moved to okanawa japan until the age of three, then to oklahoma where he was raised and graduated from choctaw high school. he joined the navy right out of school and spent time over seas where he fell completely in love with art, even though he alreday had a passion for art he found his true calling. Joshua spent four years in the U.S. navy and 10 years working for the D.O.D. until he decided to live his dream and chance his passion.
Joshua enjoys all styles of art from traditional to realism. He also enjoys all styles of media from oil painting to sculpting. His time in the navy refined his welding skills wich he uses in his art as well as the air craft metal working skills he developed during the time at the D.O.D. Joshua is always open to listen to your ideas and come up with a supreme art piece you would be proud to own.
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